Our Analyst program is designed to take top-tier students and develop them into deal making athletes, who bring their intellect and passion into every project they take on. The primary function of the analyst will be live deal execution. Analysts work directly with senior AGC team members and frequently interact with clients. Our Analysts are typically able to take on a full plate of deals after their first 60 days on the job. Our goal is for each one of our junior bankers to be able to assess financial statements, construct business models from scratch, sell a company’s story, and identify what the key value proposition of a company is after their first year at AGC.

Why Is AGC Different Than Other Investment Banks:

AGC offers a unique opportunity for junior bankers to take on large amounts of responsibility and impact all phases of a deal from inception to close. Our Analysts gain valuable experience through deal related responsibilities including market analysis and research, financial analysis, pitch book preparation, and maintenance of industry M&A activity reports.AGC conducts weekly check in meetings with our analysts to gain insight into their workload, give them advice on any challenges they are currently facing, and find any areas where additional training is needed.

Placement & Duration:

Our Analyst program is a 2 year program located in our headquarters – Boston, MA. Our Analysts are generalists and get to work on deals in all different sectors of technology. This makes for much better learning and understanding of the entire tech landscape.


All incoming analysts will undergo extensive and in-depth training. Prior to their start date we require all incoming analysts to do 150+ hours of prep work to prepare themselves for our 2 week orientation program. Our orientation program is 90% executing actual investment banking tasks and 10% tutorial, allowing our analysts to gain real, practical experience right when they start at AGC.Training continues throughout the course of AGC’s Analyst program with weekly continuing education on more advanced topics and self-assessment tests, which allow senior leaders to figure out what areas our Analysts need more exposure and guidance.

  • Financial Modeling
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Deal execution
  • Proven leadership skills and ability to strive in a fast-paced work environment
  • Strong work ethic and passion for investment banking
  • Ability to prioritize assignments while multi-tasking
  • Interest in technology
  • Effective writing and oral communication skills
  • Hardworking & personable
Career Progression:

We encourage all of our analysts that complete our program to go and chase what their passion is. Our goal is that these 2nd year analysts will sign on to be an Associate for AGC. Our Associates have the opportunity to advance rapidly to the Partner position in just 4-5 years, unlike the bulge bracket approach which is a 10-year slave away, wait-and-see track to MD.

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