Some words from the team

"The culture is fast-paced and team members are expected to take pride in and ownership of their work. AGC is a place where everyone knows each other at a personal level, and where employees are encouraged to be themselves and define the firm culture."

"I completed the 2 year analyst program at AGC and am extremely glad I spent the first years of my career there. The firm is extremely fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and has a very talented and hard-working junior team – all things I was looking for in a first job. There aren’t many other firms where you can close 10 deals in two years and play in integral role in each one."

"There is not another firm in the banking ecosystem that is as skilled as AGC in developing incredible junior talent while also fostering a culture of people who really care about each other both personally and professionally."

"It has been an absolute pleasure working here for the last ~2.5 years. AGC's analyst program is an incredible opportunity to work with and learn from an amazing group of smart, dedicated, and fun people.

I stand by my belief that there is no better place than AGC to start your career and that the skills, knowledge, and experience you gain here are unrivaled. I am very grateful to this firm for all that I have learned and, most importantly, for the relationships I’ve developed and lifelong friendships that I’ve made."

"Coming into the firm ~2.5 years ago, I knew I was going to learn a ton but I had no idea that I would also create the long lasting relationships and friendships that I have built here. Thank you all for the incredible opportunity to work here and learn from so many smart, curious, and driven people. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to kick start my career and build the skills / experience that AGC instills in everyone that works here."

"I have been with AGC for over two years now, and I can confidently say that there is no other firm where you will receive the same level of exposure and autonomy this quickly out of college. With nearly 40 junior bankers and 20+ partners, the direct insights we receive and relationships we build are unparalleled."

"One of the biggest pros I found at AGC is the type of people you work alongside. Since my first day, all the AGC team members have offered exceptional support and were genuinely invested in my improvement. They also hold weekly training sessions led by partners and other senior members that aid in your development at the firm."

"AGC’s growth over the last 3 years has been incredible to watch and be a part of and I wish everybody luck in riding this (hopefully) next big wave of M&A volume."

"AGC Partners offers a great opportunity for aspiring investment bankers and other young professionals to make incredible strides in a very short period of time."

"During my time at AGC I have learned at a rapid rate compared to my peers at other Investment Banks. AGC allows the junior team to take on thoughtful work and lots of responsibility early on, which dramatically accelerates your finance skill set."

"With the high volume of transactions, you are given the chance to work on a multitude of deals with highly knowledgeable partners within their respective sectors. You truly learn how a software business operates and gain valuable insights into the markets they play in."

"The Company does a great job at rewarding the hard work and creating a fun and inclusive culture by holding many outings throughout the year."

"Ton of experience working on financial modeling / analyses as a first year analyst, very client facing from early on, copious amounts of training sessions and great opportunities for internal promotion."

"Junior bankers are given the opportunity to assume responsibility and meaningful contribute to live deals. The level of responsibility that proactive junior bankers are able to take on creates an unparalleled learning environment that is exciting, challenging, and rewarding."

"If you are hardworking and want to learn fast, AGC is the place to do it."

"Leading work streams and talking to senior management daily made a tremendous impact on my personal growth, which is unlike the exposure you may receive from other banks."

AGC Alumni

AGC's alumni have successfully gone on to work for top private equity firms, venture capital firms, and large tech acquirers among others.

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