Our intern program is designed to take highly motivated group of students from top tier programs and expose them to a broad range of middle-market Tech M&A transactions ranging from $25M to $500M.  Unlike other internship programs, Interns at AGC will be involved in the day-to-day activities of the transactions and will gain valuable experience through deal related responsibilities including, market analysis and industry research, financial analysis, pitch book preparation, and maintenance of industry M&A activity reports.  You will get a chance to work side-by-side with not only the analyst of the firm, but also our Associates, Vice Presidents and Partners, which will help you develop and build the core skills to become a successful tech banking analyst.

What You Will Do:

During your 10 weeks as an intern, your first day will consist of a live orientation session to help you get up to speed on AGC’s templates and best practices followed by weekly training sessions accounting fundamentals, Excel, PPT, financial modeling and material preparation.  Each week you will have internal meetings with AGC’s management team to discuss your current projects and the progress you are making.  Beyond the chance to grow and build you skills, your internship will also include Ping-Pong Tournaments, Community Service Events, Office Lunches every Wednesday and Social Outings where you are able to build connections with different members of the AGC team.

Mentor Program:

To help foster your growth and get you integrated into the firm, each intern will be paired up with a member of our Analyst or Associate team, who will serve as your mentor during your time at AGC. The goal of our mentor program is to not only give you a direct connection with an AGC team member but to also ensue you are getting involved on live deals, pitches, and other general work of the firm.  This will allow you to be the second or third analyst on a live deal and the ability to take over some aspects of the execution work from the Analyst. That said, it is on each intern to put in the time to learn AGC’s materials, so they are able to contribute when asked to by their Analyst. As with anything, you get what you put into it, and AGC’s internship is no different. If you don’t show focus or passion to do a good job on an assigned tasks, your internship experience will be limited.  Those who show the desire and commitment to the program will be given the chance grow their skills and a chance to contribute meaningful work on at least one transaction.  Higher quality work product will gain trust from your Analyst and afford you the ability to take on more challenging aspects of the deal.  Each one of our Analysts are staffed on at least three deals, so there is plenty of opportunity.  
In addition to working with your mentor, we encourage you to spend time getting to know the other members of the AGC team, as you will be working with the other analysts, Associates and Partners beyond just your mentor during the course of your internship.


From Day 1, you will be given an overview of AGC from an Analyst and a member of our Business Development team, which will help build the initial set of skills that will need in order to be successful during your first two weeks of the internship program.  The weekly trainings from there will scale up in difficulty and will be tailored to match your development throughout the internship program, as well as feedback that we collect from your mentors.  Some of these sessions will be process oriented but some will focus on more complex aspects of corporate finance, so we supply each of our interns with Wall Street Prep manuals that they are expected to read through and comprehend before starting their internship program.  Spending the time to learn these materials will be crucial in helping you hit the ground running as an intern.  
To take your skills to the next level and grow them beyond the classroom, we also administer a series of tests and mock pitch/deal scenarios to give you a hands on banking experience. The hope is that you are able to apply the skills you have learned from training to these tests. The tests will be graded by the Analyst and Associates at AGC, who will give you feedback on how you did, as well as insight on how to improve your work product on the next session.

Career Progression:

At the end of every summer, we will evaluate each of our Summer Analysts in order to determine their candidacy for a full-time offer to join AGC.  We will typically make 4-5 full-time offers at the end of every summer.  That said, (i) getting an offer is not guaranteed and comes down to the amount of effort / your work product during the course of your internship and (ii) if you don’t receive an offer and are interested in pursuing a full-time analyst role with AGC, we will invite you to our Super Day to interview with the team for one of the remaining full-time analyst slots.  We have had plenty of Analysts come through this way, so even if you don’t receive an offer at the end of the summer, you still have a chance to join the AGC team.

What We're Looking For:

The banking industry as a whole is very fast paced, so our ideal candidate will thrive in this type of work environment. Candidates who are successful at AGC have the passion and drive to do a great job on every task, as well as push themselves to take on the hard stuff first, so they can advance their skills and get to the next level.

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