Vice President & Associate


The Associate / VP role (aka Project Manager or PM) at AGC Partners is designed for an entrepreneurial banker with the drive and self-confidence to build his/her own book of business. We have developed an investment banking program that provides our team with benefits not available at Wall Street firms; extensive training on multiple deals types, daily interaction with and access to senior level bankers and clients, and an unparalleled opportunity to learn the skills required to advance to the next level.


Our PM’s primary job responsibility is to execute deals for the firm’s Partner base and to be the quarterback on the transaction, becoming the Client’s trusted go-to person for daily interactions. They must build a strong, trusting relationship with the client, this enables a PM to truly take over the engagement. PMs need to drive their engagements in an intense and urgent manner. They must add value above and beyond what is expected of the analysts, by proactively taking on tasks for the Partners and seeking out ways in which they can help balance the team’s work load.Our deal team staffing is one Analyst, one PM, and one Partner. The Associate should leverage the Analyst as much as possible, however the end work product is ultimately the Associate’s responsibility. The Analyst is expected to spend the bulk of his / her time in the “engine room”, but it is critical that the Associate be well versed in the current model, valuation, or other “back up” data feeds. It is the Associates responsibility to take the lead on the higher-level tasks including positioning pieces, situation overviews, term sheets, and legal document summaries that go beyond the skill sets of an Analyst.


Associates need to truly manage multiple deals simultaneously, anticipate next steps, and manage the client. They should be able to drive a process from beginning to end – pitch, engagement letter negotiation, pre-launch, marketing, due diligence, indications of interest, and negotiations. Associates should be fluent in all valuation methodologies, be able to pull together fairness opinions, and be able to perform all relevant models. It is critical that the Associate keeps all team members informed on any new developments throughout the deal process. This is a 24 x 7 job and there should never be any blackout periods when you’re unavailable.


Each PM that starts with AGC will have a Senior PM as a mentor for the first few months to help learn the ropes at AGC.

Coaching the Junior Talent:

Our PMs take on training, developing, and managing the analyst team, pushing the analyst to deliver beyond what they thought they could or planned on doing.Each PM should understand at the beginning of a project where the analyst needs/wants to improve, setting goals, and measuring performance in deal execution against those goals. The PM is responsible for eliciting an analyst’s best work, pushing them to deliver beyond what they thought they could or planned on doing.

Career Progression:

Our expectation is for career investment bankers that take on the position of PM to have a drive to one day become a Partner. AGC provides each PM with the opportunity to master execution skills inherent in all transaction types, but will also provide him or her with the training and mentorship to one day be a successful Partner. Our track to Partner is unlike the bulge bracket approach and is a 4-5 year timeline versus 10 year slave away, wait and see.

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