Open source solutions are transforming the way software applications are developed and deployed as they help enterprises minimize the cost of application development and avoid vendor lock-in. Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) is any type of program or application that developers can inspect, copy, modify, and redistribute. There is a clear path that defines COSS prerequisites to commercial success, proven licensing and monetization models that are producing a growing number of tech unicorns.Open Source Software companies are highly investable at all stages from early stage VC to growth capital through IPO / Strategic Exit. In an already robust investment category, annual invested capital in open source startups identified in our landscape reached $3 billion in 2020. In just the past two years, there has been over $80 billion in liquidity value generated from the acquisition, merger, and IPOs of open source software-based businesses, according to Bessemer Venture Partners.

Commercial Open Source Software

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