Dental Tech: Dentistry Moves to the Digital World


The dental market is in the midst of its “next generation” technology revolution. In addition to new advances in practice management, dental technology is beginning to put major emphasis on clinical and patient care innovations, just as the healthcare market evolved a decade ago. The system of record, however, has not yet made these advances. In an effort to cope, several emerging technologies have been adopted, creating a very complicated workflow process for team members in the industry. Most practices today use a combination of different technical solutions for practice management, patient engagement (marketing/advertising/relationship management), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), analytics, online patient forms and scheduling, inventory management, etc. On average, practices are logging into five or more different software solutions every day; over the next several years this must and will be consolidated. With more than 120 companies identified in AGC’s Dental Tech landscape, this industry is large and growing and contains many innovative companies disrupting traditional trends.

Dental Tech: Dentistry Moves to the Digital World

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