DevOps 2024: Embracing Adoption of Next-Gen DevOps


We are pleased to share with you our latest DevOps Whitepaper, Embracing Adoption of Next-Gen DevOps, which extends our domain coverage following our previously published DevOps reports. Here, we focus on new technologies and frameworks that are impacting the DevOps sector, such as Artificial Intelligence, Observability, and the increasing use of Cloud-native technologies.

We also dive into the M&A front where transactions have come roaring back in '23 and '24 with an estimated $35B in total value over the last 5 quarters – the most notable of which being Cisco's acquisition of Splunk for $26B in Sep. '23. The past two years we have seen investors and buyers trying to assess the impact of AI advancements in DevOps amidst uncertainty of the unknown. Despite transformative changes driven by AI, the M&A and Private Investment data for DevOps remains relatively strong, with much of the activity fueled by AI-hype, DevSecOps solutions, and the Observability market.

In the landscape of modern enterprise, embracing DevOps is paramount for catalyzing innovation and operational agility. This strategic imperative facilitates the seamless integration of development, operations, and security. With over 375 companies identified in AGC's DevOps Software landscape across several market segments, the industry is large, rapidly growing, and multifaceted.

DevOps 2024: Embracing Adoption of Next-Gen DevOps

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