Manufacturing Software Q3 2023 Update


Amidst rising labor costs and economic uncertainties post-COVID, Manufacturing Software has become mission-critical for streamlining operations and cutting costs across the manufacturing value chain. The market represents a $39B opportunity and is growing 11% per year, propelled by key tailwinds such as the increase in factory orders, emergence of smart factories, shortage of labor and heightened importance of worker retention.

AGC's Manufacturing Software landscape captures 390 growth-stage companies that have raised over $7B since 2021, as well as 60 highly acquisitive consolidators that have driven a surge in M&A activity from 51 deals in 2020 to a run rate of 94 in 2023. We expect robust demand, heightened interest from investors, and strong M&A activity to continue in the coming years as this exciting space matures.

Manufacturing Software Q3 2023 Update

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