Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), Digital Experience Platforms, (DXPs) and Related Analytics are new and increasingly important capabilities in today's complex "customer centric" marketing environment. CDPs are important as they unify all of a company's customer data into one platform, create a single unified customer ID, and enable real-time targeting, personalization and analytics across channels. DXPs are important because they "unify the voice of the customer" across channels. Analytics related to customer experience measure the quality of the experience. All three of these sectors are huge new growth markets with lots of exciting investment and M&A opportunities.This report is "Part Two" to one we published about a year ago called "The Whole New World of Marketing: How to 'Influence' Today’s Consumer." That report was all about how consumers' relationships with marketers have changed – how they no longer watch ads on TV, but rather ask their friends and family for recommendations, read reviews, and spend time on social media. The text of that report was about how to reach today's consumer. This report focuses on how to execute effective marketing campaigns in this data rich, customer centric world. We think there are a lot of exciting investment opportunities in both of these "New World of Marketing" themes.

The Whole New World of Marketing - How to Deliver High Quality Customer Experiences at Scale

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