The Traditional Advertising and Marketing Services Industry is in complete disarray. Consumers today are blocking ads at record levels. At the same time, spending on traditional media such as print and radio has declined by 40% over the last five years. Today's consumers simply don't want "mass oriented" advertising pushed to them, be it on a TV or on a computer. Brands see this changing industry scene. They are looking at more in-house capabilities to get their messages across to consumers directly. This report examines four emerging subsectors and 110 disruptive companies that are attempting to bridge the gap between brands and consumers: Content Marketing; Influencer Marketing; Reviews and Recommendations; and Social Media Marketing. What they all have in common is an attempt to provide or track authentic content for the most part on social media—which now exceeds 3 billion active users globally. In the process, they hope to create a strong gravitational pull that replaces the push of years' past. The days of Mad Men and Superbowl based relationships are out. Trust, Transparency, Authenticity, Accountability and the Consumer's in Control are the big buzzwords in The Whole New World of Marketing.

The Whole New World of Marketing

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