AGC Supply Chain Software 2023 Mid-Year Review


Please find here AGC's 2023 first half activity report on Supply Chain, eCommerce and ERP Software. As the broad U.S. economic slowdown continued in H1 2023, the Supply Chain Software sector saw a dramatic decline in capital markets activity for the first time in a decade: 102 M&A deals for $3.4B, versus 180 deals for $19.5B at the halfway mark of2022. Capital raising activity was similarly impacted: $2.7B of capital raised across 101 financings in H1 2023 versus $9.2B across 199 financings in H1 2022. In a positive sign of ongoing interest in the sector, public Supply Chain Software valuations held up well over the last six months and are trading at a premium to AGC's broader SaaS Index.

AGC Supply Chain Software 2023 Mid-Year Review

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