Cloud native technology is a new approach to building applications that takes advantage of the distributed nature of the cloud. Cloud native approaches prove to be imperative for enterprise IT due to improved application and service speed, resiliency, and agility. Industry analysts expect strong growth (~24% CAGR) in the cloud native market over the next several years with some comparing it to the re-platforming to the Internet and web in the 1990s and 2000s.The importance of cloud native can also be seen through record setting private placement and M&A activity in 2020. The effects of cloud native permeate many sectors of the IT market, including serverless computing; DevOps and CI/CD; observability and monitoring; management and orchestration; data management and storage; networking; security; AI/ML; and IoT/edge computing. We have previously written Insight reports on each of these subsectors and this publication is a natural extension of those reports.

Cloud Native Technology Ecosystem

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