Maritime Defense and Offshore Infrastructure


America has always been a maritime nation. The seas are the lifeblood of our nation's economy, our national security, and the American way of life. All these trends create vulnerabilities for adversaries to exploit and volatility that can erupt quickly into crisis. Decisive naval power – and the rapid adoption of next-generation maritime technologies – is essential in this evolving environment.The world's security is at a precipice – with a complex, dynamic and ever-changing threat environment driving global instability. Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. has largely been the only nation in the world capable of securing trade flow with a truly global maritime force. The world is now entering a new age of warfare, with the baseline geopolitical fact that the world's two most powerful countries are separated by thousands of miles of ocean – ocean waters that both sides want to dominate and secure, for commercial and strategic purposes.From an investment perspective, the Maritime Defense & Offshore Infrastructure sector has arguably never been more relevant than it is today, creating a wealth of opportunities for companies in the space, as well as for M&A and private investors. With a strong alignment to the mission need from Washington, long-term visibility supported by large, multi-decade programs providing certainty of revenue and de-risking potential investments, and a supply chain ripe for consolidation – there is an unprecedented and sustained level of demand with limited availabilities of companies with these new technologies or capabilities to address the industry's challenges.

Maritime Defense and Offshore Infrastructure

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