Since eBay first popularized online shopping with its auction website in 1996, B2C and B2B eCommerce has rocketed to a staggering $4 trillion in size globally, on its way to $10 trillion by 2020. At ~7% of total US B2C and B2B on a combined basis, online auctions are still very much a factor in the continued evolution and rapid growth of eCommerce. While the auction format is clearly losing share in core online retailing, driven by competitive real-time pricing algorithms, it is alive and well in unexpected areas of B2B including hard assets, industrial equipment, and the wholesale autos market. It is also quickly gaining share in areas of B2C including art, antiquities, jewelry and collectibles. This report takes a closer look into the market as well as companies in the ecosystem, M&A and private placement activity.

Online Auctions

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