Digital Transformation Post-COVID: Let the Feast Begin

Dear friends and colleagues: I hope you are enjoying the return to "normalcy" and the reopening of our communities. We are pleased to share with you our latest Insights report. COVID has accelerated restaurants' digital transformation with tech segments like online ordering and delivery reaping enormous, near-immediate benefits. Other technologies impacting both on- and off-premise dining are positioning to take advantage of a return to a "new normal." Consumers have radically adjusted how they select and engage / interact with restaurants given the impact of quarantines and work from home mandates. Consumer expectations have changed and operators must now deliver a personalized "Amazon-like" eCommerce experience in an omni-channel fashion. Restaurants have been forced to rapidly innovate to survive, resulting in the acceleration of technology adoption aimed at boosting sales, cultivating new channels, mitigating costs / driving efficiencies, and improving multi-channel CX with a now largely digital customer base.

Restaurant Technology

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