Supply Chain & ERP Software: 2020 Pandemic Market Update


While the Pandemic has upended economic, political and social life across the globe, it has also poured lighter fluid on many of the trends in the supply chain software sector that have been burning hot for the past several years.From the Amazon effect in retail eCommerce and fulfilment to the rise of automation and visibility platforms in global transportation networks, to accelerated roboticization in warehouse and distribution centers, the emergence of eCommerce as a dominating force in retail has quickened dramatically in just the last four months.The supply chain software sector has been a clear beneficiary of these trends as investors and acquirers have continued to pour investment and M&A resources into both established and emerging companies. At the current activity levels through July 2020, we are on pace to exceed the record-breaking 2019.

Supply Chain & ERP Software: 2020 Pandemic Market Update

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