The COVID 19 Pandemic has accelerated what was already an "E-Commerce Wave" to become an "E-Commerce Tsunami". As consumers have been holed up in their homes, online commerce has exploded. According to Nielsen, pre-COVID, only 9% of global consumers were shopping online regularly. Through COVID, 27% started shopping online for the first time. By May 2020, 44% said they were shopping online regularly each week. And, a recent study of 14,000 consumers by Shopkick also supports this massive change in consumer behavior. That report states that 60% of the study's respondents say that the Pandemic has forever changed their shopping habits.This report on Marketplaces is Part One in a Three Part "E-Commerce Tsunami" Series:Part 1: Marketplaces Go MainstreamPart 2: The Strong Swell of DTC Brands Disrupting the Retail LandscapePart 3: The Technology Undertow Powering Massive Changes to the Retail IndustryThis report focuses on how Marketplaces have in fact "gone mainstream." They represent a $2.1 Trillion market opportunity with 1200+ companies across the U.S and Europe. They represent over 50% of all online purchases and almost 60% of Amazon's total revenues. Marketplaces thrive across a wide variety of verticals and expansive types of products—from habit forming daily transactions to high cost luxury experiences. This report also focuses on the Marketplace models of today and key success factors.We hope you'll hop into your favorite "boat" and explore the exciting "sea of opportunity" in this unique and highly disruptive "E-Commerce Tsunami".

The eCommerce Tsunami-Part 1: Marketplaces Go Mainstream

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