Everything You Need to Know About Esports


Viewership, Demographics, Market Growth, Valuations, and the New Media RevolutionEsports is the tip of the spear for the new media revolution, and viewership continues to grow among attractive demographics. Esports is defined as video games (including PC, console, and mobile games) played competitively, typically by professional players, individually or on teams. Tournaments range in complexity from organized amateur competitions to established professional leagues. League structures are evolving from open tournament-style leagues to city-based franchise teams with strict guidelines. Team valuations are stable, and the long-term prospects look good, while "watchability" should be a key focal point for all stakeholders. Public equities are up 3.5x since post-COVID lows, and M&A activity has more than doubled in the last year.This report focuses solely on esports and its surrounding ecosystem. A broader, comprehensive treatment of the gaming industry is forthcoming. Below is a link to the report. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

Everything You Need to Know About Esports

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