The global pandemic has changed marketing forever. For more than a decade, the marketing clouds have duked it out, taking part in several acquisition “waves” – social, email, ecommerce, and data. What is the next wave of acquisitions? Here are the key trends that we believe will persist and attract future buyers:-Work-from home and hybrid work environments will persist past Covid, and MarTech players that most effectively empower these environments will win.-Customer experience (“CX”) and customer journey players are addressing a critical marketing need, as good CX is the most important factor for both customer acquisition and retention.-Brand Experience (“BX”) is a growing subset of CX, quickly developing its own ecosystem.-Covid has also turbo-charged the Creator Economy, as influencers earn their living through social channels, while giving brands access to eyeballs shifted by the pandemic.-Brands seek authentic experiences, leveraging creators and influencers for effective content marketing strategies.-Mobile continues to rule digital video advertising, and is now 5x the size of desktop, and nearly 3x the size of Connected TV.Our MarTech comps are trading up 119% since post-Covid lows in March 2020. 2021 is on pace for a record $49B in M&A activity, as mega-deals Thoma/Medallia and Zendesk/Momentive show the sector picking up steam.

Marketing Technology in a Post-COVID World

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